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Purchasing a home is one of the most important financial decisions that you will ever make.

A home inspection should be part of a well thought out  purchase strategy.  An objective, detailed home inspection will provide you with valuable and useful information, which will protect you from the uncertainties of the home buying process. In Washington State, real estate transactions hinge on what is referred to as “disclosure” by the seller.  This is commonly know as” form 17”. Be sure to ask your agent about it.  Although desirable, true and complete disclosure is not always possible. Some sellers do not have sufficient information about the house they are selling. This is particularly true in cases of homes with more than one previous owner. In some other cases, the sellers simply do not fill out the disclosure form truthfully. Our experience has shown that most homeowners take good care of their homes. However, many of them are sometimes not aware of some of the problems that are revealed during a home inspection.

A home inspection will provide you with impartial, objective, useful and pertinent information regarding the property you intend to buy. Occasionally, some work orders might be indicated. If this is the case, you will not only be aware of the problem (s), but you will have some negotiating leverage with the seller. This knowledge protects all parties involved. You and your agent, a real estate professional, can negotiate the cost of any work orders with the seller. Your professional real estate agent has the training and experience to help you in this important area.

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